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Denton Vote Group

The Denton VOTE Group focuses on Voter Registration, Voter Education, & Civic Engagement. Our goal is to increase voter education & voter turnout for all elections. Any organization or individual who does voter registration is welcome. This is a nonpartisan and cross-organizational effort.

Please email us if you are interested in joining.

Your Vote Counts!

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TX SD 30 for Change

We are a group of activists who support positive change in Texas Senate District 30. TXSD 30 includes many counties in North Texas. We believe that Texas can and SHOULD make progress. Our values demand that we keep track of and help promote legislation that supports healthcare, medicaid expansion, children’s healthcare, Women’s rights, immigration reform,

public education funding,

environmental health,

voting rights

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Indivisible TX Lege

Citizen-run #txlege Indivisible group focused on TX state policy. From the Panhandle to the RGV. Not Red. Not Blue. 

Red, White & Blue.

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Students for Increased

Voter Participation

"Young people all over the world are stepping up to lead on issues like climate change, gun violence and rampant social and economic inequality. To mirror this, authority figures need to officially include us in discussions relating to our past, present and future. Candidates vying for president in 2020 need to prove they are ready to truly represent all of America, including voting- and non-voting-age youth.

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Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas

Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas work to empower rural women to get their voices heard. We encourage women to join the ranks of Democratic leadership by running for elected offices in our area and across the state! Membership is open to all those who wish to support Democrats and Democratic female candidates for office!

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Young Democrats of Denton County

The Young Democrats of Denton County is a chartered organization with the Texas Yo​ung Democrats. Democrats ages 14-40 are welcome to become members.​

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Democratic Women 

of Denton County

Democratic Women of Denton County promotes the increased political activity, influence, and awareness of Democratic women in politics and government at the national, state, and local levels.  

The mission of Democratic Women of Denton County is to promote increased diversity and representation of pro-choice Democratic women in party organizations, government institutions and elected positions with an emphasis on pro-women Democratic values. The group focuses on issues pertinent to women such as reproductive rights, education, equal pay, sensible gun reform, and more. The group is also recruiting and grooming the next generation of Democratic female leaders.

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Latino Democrats 

of Denton County

The Latino Democrats of Denton County, is a united grassroots democratic organization whose movement is to help build political power within the Latino community. To ensure the voices of Latinos are reflected at every level of government and in the policies that drive our nation forward. This movement is dedicated to building a permanent base of Latino voters. Informing and involving these voters to have confidence in the process at all levels of policy and laws that govern our community.

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Denton County Democrats

Texas Democrats believe government exists to achieve together what we cannot achieve as individuals; and government must serve all people. A democracy is only truly representative if every  citizen is guaranteed the inalienable right to vote in fair and open elections. Texas Democrats believe in equal opportunities and freedom for all human beings no matter a person’s race, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or immigration status.

Texas Democrats believe in a fair criminal justice system serving all people; robust public and higher education  are critical for our future; and our economy must benefit all Texans.

Texas Democrats believe healthcare is a right; women’s rights are human rights; we owe future generations a clean and healthy planet; and a strong social safety net creates opportunity for all Americans.

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Denton LULAC 

Council 4366

Denton LULAC Council 4366 advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the Latino population of Denton, Texas. LULAC is a  501c4 organization. Donations are not tax deductable.

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Stonewall Democrats

of Denton County

Stonewall Democrats of Denton County is dedicated to electing LGBT friendly Democratic candidates and promoting full equality for all citizens-- both LGBT and allies!

The name is in honor of the Stonewall Inn. The bar patrons in Greenwich Village finally stood up to years of oppression by NYC police in June 1969, and paved the way for gay rights in America.

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“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over t​he world...would do this, it would change the earth.”

― William Faulkner